IT-Harvest, an industry analyst firm, is compiling a complete database of all the IT security vendors in the world. In addition to resources available on this site, the entire list will be published in February 2020 in the Security Yearbook 2020. The security companies will be listed by name, country/state, and category. Charts of various rankings will be created from the data.

Here is a great video introduction to the entire IT security industry from data pulled together in 2016 and presented on the RSA TV stage.  

This will be the first time that anyone has compiled and published such a directory. It will be an invaluable tool for:

Other researchers. Wall Street analysts, other industry analysts, investors, private equity, and strategic acquirers can use the list as a starting place for their understanding of the IT security industry as a whole as well as regional concentrations and specific sector opportunities.

Industry practitioners. CISOs and product decision makers have a plethora of means to determine what product to purchase. Often they start with the vendors on a Gartner Magic Quadrant as a short list. Or they send people to industry conferences to learn about product offerings, or to meet with their peers to determine the best solution fit. With a complete directory in their hands industry practitioners can learn about all the solutions in a category and may discover a better fit than they would through other channels.

Students. Security Yearbook 2020 includes a history of the IT security industry that provides a deep understanding of the evolution, growth, and future of the space. It draws on data derived from the directory to highlight growth trends and market sizes.

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